Why I'm running

My name is Helena Webb, and I am running for the Missouri House of Representatives in District 100. 

Missouri is full of untapped potential. 

My vision for Missouri is one that ensures a bright future for our families and economic growth for our community.

The Saint Louis area - and Missouri as a whole - should be a destination for businesses of the future. We can get there by investing more in our infrastructure and the education and health of our citizens, so we have a productive work force and desirable talent pool to offer. 

Accountability and accessibility will be the hallmarks of my service to you, with town halls and live legislative updates every three months - you ask questions, and I will answer them.

Join me, and let's make Missouri all it can be. Together.

Build a Better Missouri

Excellence in Education

  • Reward innovation in our public schools, colleges, and universities 
  • Prepare students for the real world, and invest more in science and technology programs
  • Make per-student funding keep up with inflation in our public schools
  • Support teachers with good wages and pensions

Economy and Infrastructure

  • Fix our roads and bridges
  • Deliver high-speed internet statewide
  • Make Missouri attractive to workers and businesses of the future
  • Create the talent pool we need through apprenticeships, certificate programs, technical training, and retraining, as well as college degrees 

More Healthcare Options

  • Cap Rx prices, lower hospital charges, eliminate ER abuse
  • Allow small businesses to buy into insurance groups
  • Close the gaping holes in our state healthcare with low-cost insurance 
  • Require Medicaid providers to include comprehensive managed care for better outcomes and lower costs

Ethics Reform

  • Eliminate shell non-profits and dark political contributions
  • Break the Legislator-to-Lobbyist Pipeline
  • Outlaw gifts from lobbyists to legislators and government staff


Many of the votes of my opponent, incumbent Derek Grier, which I object to are represented here.

Please research these bills to learn more (resolution, bill, and amendment numbers are noted). 

Contribute To Our Success

Checks may be written out to

Webb For House Rep

and may be mailed to

15455 Manchester Rd #142 Ballwin, MO 63011

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The content of this website will be updated periodically to reflect what Helena learns about the views and concerns of voters as she meets and hears more from her future constituents throughout the campaign.

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